What other Rock bands do we want to see on 'Saturday Night Live' this season?

'SNL' has seen its fair share of rock acts this season and here's who should join the list

November 5, 2020

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Saturday Night Live has always had its finger on the pulse of the current musical moment booking fantastic acts that serve as a great accompaniment for each episode.

Musical guests can be the highlight of the night and deliver electrifying performances leaving behind a legacy that gets talked about years, sometimes even decades later.

For a show that often serves up fresh artists, this season of SNL has broken from character and has leaned on some veteran rockers to serve as the musical guest. While it may be uncharacteristic thus far, it’s been more than welcome and our TV’s have been turned up to 11 this entire time.

Jack White delivered one of the best performances in years playing his Beyoncé collaboration, teasing blues lyrics from Blind Willie Johnson, and paying tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen. The Strokes showed why they’re still one of rock’s premier bands with the performance of two new songs. Oh yeah, Foo Fighters are also slated to perform this weekend where they may debut brand new material. 

As rock has shined bright on this season of SNL, here’s a list of acts we’d love to see appear during the remainder of the season.

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