David Duchovny offers election advice: 'Let the democratic process play out'

Duchovny stepped into the political arena with his new song, 'Layin' on the Tracks'

November 4, 2020

David Duchovny opened his interview with RADIO.COM with some perspective on the lack of results from the 2020 presidential election. “It’s an interesting exercise in psychology for me. We were hoping for a blowout, a landslide. When that didn’t happen, it felt like a loss.”

Duchovny spent election night with his son and on FaceTime with his daughter. While many are frustrated by the lack of results and the potential for it to drag on, Duchovny looks at the bright side of things. “That’s the f*****g democratic process,” he exclaimed. “We don’t need to know right away,” he added. “Just relax and be patient and let the democratic process play out.”

That attitude transcends into his work. He’s never had much of a desire to make his political thoughts known, especially with his music. “I’m generally reticent to use art, music, writing, flim, television to make a political statement,” he said.

“It’s not my style, I aim for timelessness. I aim to always try to express human nature, which is timeless and not tied to a political party, a political agenda, or an issue.”

With the release of his new song, “Layin’ On The Tracks,” Duchovny felt it was necessary to capture his own feelings about what was happening in the country and how it was responding. Because of the proximity to the election, he felt it was essential to get it in the hands of the public.

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“This song happened a year ago,” Duchovny said. “It was more of a snapshot of my own mind within this Trump administration and then coming out of that into what I was seeing in the country in response to a Trump administration. And of course, Trump himself.”

“I’ve never written a song like this," he admitted. "I’ve never written anything like this. I don’t write like that. I thought, ‘well if it’s going to have any impact, which I’m sure it doesn’t, I’d like to get it out before the election just to kind of go on record.’”

While Duchovny knew he was going to get a vitriolic response from Trump supporters, he felt it was important to make his thoughts known. “A song is not a political tool or a political dialogue, it’s more like a political monologue: ‘here’s what I’m saying.’”

“Layin’ On The Tracks” is just one of the songs fans will find on his upcoming record. Duchovny doesn’t have a release date set for his record, but says it’s in the works. Like “Layin’ On The Tracks,” a lot of the songs on his record won’t deal with the rock ‘n’ roll staples like love or loss of love. “Some of these songs, and it’s going to sound really pretentious to say,” Duchovny says with a smile, “they are almost existential in a way. Just what it is to be a human right now.”

“That may not be what people want from their songs or music, but that’s kind of where my head’s been at,” he added.

For more from Duchovny on his music, potential reboots, and what Hank Moody would be doing in 2020, check out the full interview above.

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